A Bumble Relic

A new addition to my "cabinet of curiosities". It continues the childhood story relic theme I started with Hook's hand from last year. The tooth is carved craft foam, coated in a thin mix of Fix-All. Finished with acrylic washes. I kept the design similar to the teeth Hermey the Elf pulled from the Bumble in the Rankin Bass holiday special but tried to give it a somewhat realistic feel with yellowish plaque and rough surface decay. I estimated what the bicuspid size would be, it's a little over 18" long, felt about right if the Bumble were real. The base is 10" in diameter.

I'm going to re-make the display base at some point when I have the materials I want. This one is just an overturned wood plate with a dowel attached. It works but what I really want to do is place it on a bed of packing straw inside an open old crate with North Pole shipping labels or expedition info stenciled on the side, etc. You know, as if just arrived at the museum or...to be hidden away along side a certain ark in a warehouse somewhere.

Now, for anyone who has no idea what this prop refers to....watch this and step back in time.


  1. I refuse to believe that that is anything less than whale bone.

  2. I will always suspend my logic for your props.....they are amazing...and I do believe!

    Fantastic work!!


  3. Bumbles Bounce!
    Love it - thanks for a great memory.

  4. What else is in store for your Museum of Curiosities?