'08 Halloween Epilogue: Moving Eye Portrait

Halloween this year turned out to be the best ever I think. So many stories. For anyone interested, I'm going to bombard the blog with many tales of yesterday. It turned out to be such a busy and long day I started to doze off at the computer just before midnight hoping to post a final countdown entry.

Thursday night, I stayed up way too late making some last minute props for the inside. I really wanted a fun painting over our mantle for niece Devin's costume bash. Using the idea from the monster eye window project, I created a moving eye portrait...

The frame was in my stash. It came from some cheesy art print I found at Big Lot's years ago. I bought it for the great, comically ornate frame to use for just such a project. The image is a quick Photoshopped revision from a PARA ABNORMAL cartoon...

I re sized it to the frame dimensions. Not having a giant printer or time to get made into a poster, I printed in 8.5 x 11 sections. They were trimmed and spray glued to foam core, matching up the seams of course. I gave it a couple of coats of yellow tinted white glue which helped the seams slightly disappear and a give it a old world, aged varnish look.

The eyes are two ping pong ball halves glued into cut out holes, concave like the large bowl in the window eye. The pupils are two green craft crystals which gave a glint to them. The picture wire was attached lower than normal so it would hang the top away from the wall a bit, giving space for the protruding ping pong balls on back. Plus it angled the portrait nicely to look down upon Devin and her little classmates.

Going to take some good pictures of the completed yard tonight (If it stops raining). Look for those soon.


  1. That's another great project. Those kids must have loved the party. Hopefully the Zuni Fetish didn't jump down and start chasing them around.

    I look forward to how ever many photos and stories you want to bombard us with.

  2. Thanks John,
    I been so busy the past week, I'm really behind and responding to the comments I've been getting. Thanks for all your nice remarks the past month!

  3. p.s
    No one knew it was the Zuni Fetish character (or never mentioned if they did). Good eyes on you for spotting it in the picture.