'08 Halloween Epilogue: The Blade

I took time in the past month to improve old props such as my guillotine entry arch. Besides a much better faux old wood paint finish, I beefed up the top cross beam to look solid. Before it was just two 2" x 6" boards sandwiching the vertical legs. The blade and rope hung closer to the outside. It looked okay but not too real. I plugged the gap this year and was able to center the rope. A small detail, but it made a big difference. I also added angled supports to it's original upside down " T " feet. This was both extra security in standing and gave it a heavier more menacing look.

I'm really happy I also took extra time to re-imagine my zombie skeleton executioner...

He was given much more personality - a new face, new pose, better hands and a costume...

He didn't get as much detailing time as a few of his lawn buddies did, but it's a step forward. I've grown very fond of him in my evening strolls through the arch. He's going to be a priority project for next year and he'll look 10x better.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    As a life-long haunt builder (my Dad is an engineer) finding your blog has inspired us to build some of these props. I'm building the guillotine and have one question...what the heck did you make the blade out of???