'08 Halloween #19: Shadow of the Vampire

With a 101 props for the front lawn in various stages of making, I'm happy to have finished a couple. To this day, one of the most creepy and scariest films I've ever seen is the silent classic Nosferatu. As a kid just seeing pictures of Count Orlock in Famous Monsters or other mags freaked me out. Last year when I saw a great looking tombstone with his name at a local Halloween shop, I had to buy it. This year I decided to make one of my zombies a whimsical homage.

All my zombies start out as "Bluckies" which I've learned is the nickname for those cheapo plastic skeletons you find at Big Lots and elsewhere. Orlock's eyes are painted plastic mini Christmas ornaments you can get in bulk tubs at Micheals. There a bit smaller than ping pong balls and fit the cut out sockets nicely. His ears, fangs and hands I made out of Crayola Model Magic. If you've never used it, you should, I love it. It's a non toxic clay that air drys to a light weight hard foam. I tend to sit watching TV or a movie just knocking out numerous finger bones and set aside. Because it's foam you can easily slip some wire through assembling later. I think a decent hand gesture really helps bring life and movement to an otherwise static prop. I have need of many bony hands this year.

I glue most of my props to wood bases covered in moss, dusting the edges with some green spray paint to help blend with the existing grass. This gives everything weight and hides some pre drilled holes to drive stakes through to keep from tipping over in the wind (and help deter theft which has happened). Here in Los Angeles fall foliage is not in abundance so I'm adding some glued on faux leaves to things. I hope adds a touch of autumn to the yard.

It's slowly coming together. I'm setting it all up on the 10th. Gives me 2 more weeks to finish.


  1. If you hadn't told me this was a blucky, I wouldn't have guessed it. He looks awesome, Dave!! I especially love the hands- never tried the Crayola product you mentioned. He looks like Para Abnormal come to life. It reminds me of an "amusement" park we went to when I was a kid.

    My dad was stationed (Air Force) in South Dakota, near a Flintstone's themed amusement park. Of course, as a four year old, I was gung ho on the cartoon. It was so surreal to see actual full-size replicas of the houses, cars and everything I saw on television.

    Your blucky made me feel the same way, as it reminded me of your Para Abnormal cartoon style come to life. :) Great Job.

  2. Looks great!!!....monica

  3. Man.....Dave......that stuff looks better than anything you've had on the lawn before!! Nice job!!

  4. That second photo is SO COOL!
    What a picture you've painted: a pile of bones growing as you craft/watch TV.

  5. Wow, he looks great! You've inspired me.
    I'll have to try your hand idea, too.

  6. The kids in your neck of the woods sure are lucky around this time of year.

  7. Interesting,very nice prop
    I to use that model magic clay for alot of props
    At the moment I'm currently in the prosess of makeing two mini swords,handfull of mini skulls and some spikes and horns for a dragon plush
    you've given me quite a few ideas thank you very much