'08 Halloween #13: Night of the "Little Rascals"

Halloween is going to be extra special. Niece Devin has wanted to host a costume party for awhile and this is the year! I'm proud to announce that because Halloween falls on a Friday and since it will already be decked out...my house will be the location for her 1st grade soiree that afternoon for a few hours. A highlight being all heading out for "trick or treating" at party's end.

It should be a blast, especially making the 31st an all day celebration. Devin and her friends are at a great age when there is real magic in the holiday. She's knee deep into making her own invitations and party decorations already. Her Mom had to chauffeur her to Michael's Arts and Crafts twice this week.

I had a preview of her creations and works in progress last night. They were all amazing and adorable but this magic marker sign she had taped to her playhouse straight out of the "Little Rascals" gave me a laugh...


  1. That sign is awesome. I think all of you will have a blast. Wait until her classmates get a load of your front yard!

  2. Hi John,

    It should be a fun night. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is what I am living for!
    The party sounds like a great way to spend Halloween.
    We just had a little girl 6 1/2 weeks ago and I can't WAIT until I can start having fun with her at Halloween. She's already getting an earful of Halloween music whenever we go for a ride.
    You're right, it's so wonderful when they are young enough to still have the magic.

    I'm almost jealous of her.