Crazy Garage Find

While trying to organize and clean the garage I found this guy. He was made while working on the Carol Duvall Show well over 10 years ago. I thought it was long lost. He's a nice memory. Carol gave me a little "nod" on the show because of him. I also have a mention on for this episode.

From the website...

"Duvall took some of the shapeless dolls back to the production staff to instill the spirit of dressing dolls. From a proper penguin to a silly sideways bug to a creature from outer space, everyone enjoyed the possibilities. Duvall's favorite design came from prop man Dave Lowe, who used scraps from crafting projects on earlier shows to put together a crazy doll that tied itself in knots! "

1 comment:

  1. He exhibits the kind of happiness that only comes from being nutz.
    So it's finally been revealed.
    Your superhero persona is...

    PROP MAN!!!