2008 Halloween Countdown #6

I mentioned in countdown #1 that I wanted this to be a real journal of my yard haunt progress. Well, sometimes a journal can be mundane and boring like this post. Here's where I'm at right now and what's in my mind.

- Already behind my own schedule. I hoped to have all my theme ideas sketched out and made a decision by now. Wanted to start making stuff this weekend. Oh well. Going to get idea sketches done and posted within the week (keep a look out for them).

- It's a blessing in disguise actually. Really should use the weekend to catch up on other home chores and projects so I'm more free to focus on Halloween making. Also need to be finish cleaning and organizing garage/workshop for a good start.

- Take some time to go through my materials and stash at hand. Rethink some designs to work within what I have. I've got a ton of stuff I can use and should not have to spend any money this year. Impossible maybe, but if I don't have what I need...creative alternatives, dumpster diving and checking the Craig's List "free" listings.

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