STAR WARS Thursday: Chapter 8

The story continues with chapter 8 today of my 1980 comic book version of what I thought RETURN OF THE JEDI might be when I was 14 years old. If you need to catch up, chapter 1 is here, chapter 2 is here , chapters 3 & 4 are here , chapter 5 is here, chapter 6 is here and chapter 7 is here (or just scroll down).

The contest guessing what Ralph McQuarrie painting inspired a panel from from chapters 3 & 4 is yes... still open. Sorry, Rene from last week's entry, you were wrong. All can enter as many times as you like! Wink, wink...some links above will help you use the force and find the answer.

When we last left our heros...Luke and Vader began a lightsaber duel to the death!

Click on pages to enlarge.

NEXT WEEK - the thrilling end!

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