STAR WARS Tuesday!

Back in the summer of 1980, just after THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was released (and had seen it 12 times and counting) I couldn't wait for the next chapter. It was already rumored to be called REVENGE OF THE JEDI (and of course became RETURN). I decided to write and draw my own comic book of what I imagined the final film might be. It was a 72 page adventure drawn on ACADEME' grocery store art paper in felt tip pen and colored with magic markers. I had certain ideas or situations in mind but dove right into it without planning. Making it up as I went along from page 1 to the last. I blatantly stole Luke and Leia's spaceship design from an issue of Marvel Comic's Star Wars series drawn by Michael Golden. I just thought it was too cool looking not to use.

For laughs, I've decided to share my fanboy epic done when I was a 14 year old every Tuesday. Please forgive some cropped edges, my scanner bed is just a little too small.

So, without further adieu...


Click on image to enlarge.

NEXT WEEK! The rescue of Han Solo!


  1. "Luke gives a surprising and puzzling answer" - Priceless. Can't wait to read the next installment. Really well done for how young you were, great stuff! Plus, I love reading about Star Wars...

  2. Thanks Trane.
    If you like that line...just wait!
    The script gets worse (and the spelling and handwriting).

  3. megan Jeffery4/07/2008 7:12 AM

    Wow. Really admire your dedication to this project!

  4. I really had a blast reading your comic! Love those felt tip colors and your space scenes are out of this world! (As for the McQuarrie homage - the second panel on page 5Luke sitting down telling Yoda he lost his lightsaber.)

    Thanks for letting me know about your cool blog!

    It would be great if you could add your cover to the Growing Up Star Wars group on flickr. Just add your page links in the cover's description.

  5. Great piece! Blogged on the official Star Wars news site --


  6. Megan, Todd and Pete,

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. It's great to see it be enjoyed so many years later. I did it for me and only shared with family.

    Back then (especially at 14) it was not so accepted to be a "fanboy" as today. I dared not show this to peers in fear of total social banishment.

    BTW, Todd - good guess, you are one panel short. It was actually the next panel.