A Rustic Sign

Here's a project from HGTV's OUTER SPACES that ended up on the "cutting room" floor and no one saw. I like it because it's a good idea, easy to make and had personal meaning. I thought I'd share it and the "how to" for anyone interested.

My sister Megan and brother in law Paul got a backyard makeover on the show. Nepotism? Yes, but it was not unfair to other applicants. There was a unique criteria needed for homes on the show. Megan and Paul's place sat in the "maybe" file for two seasons among others before the design idea just happened to work for the new season and fit in the schedule. So there!

One element to the yard was a small outdoor "pub" for Paul. A pub needs a sign right? I designed a project making the sign from old wood fence pickets. It was named the THREE DOG INN for the 3 dogs that were part of Megan and Paul's lives.

It's construction is very simple.

This sign was a 3 family member team effort for family. I designed it, brother in law Kirk constructed it and sister Monica painted it. I like that.

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