STAR WARS Thursday: Chapter 7

The story continues with chapter 7 today of my 1980 comic book version of what I thought RETURN OF THE JEDI might be when I was 14 years old. If you need to catch up, chapter 1 is here, chapter 2 is here , chapters 3 & 4 are here , chapter 5 is here, and chapter 6 is here (or just scroll down). The contest for bragging rights from chapters 3 & 4 is still open. None have guessed right yet ( you can enter as many times as you like).

When we last left our heros, they had just stumbled upon the planet DONAR, home for the entire Imperial military!

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NEXT WEEK! Letting the Wookie win!

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  1. Contest re: 3-4:

    10th page (Luke and Yoda viewing the sunset) based on this: