Planet of the Puppies!

It's official! Thanks to my niece Devin's 6th birthday party...there's no artistic employment using a paint brush I've not done! I can add "face painter" to the resume. Last Saturday, with hair still wet from the morning shower and only one cup of coffee in me, I went to work pretty fast.

It was a PUPPY themed event. Devin got made up first and wanted to be a Huskey...

She changed her mind and wanted to be a yellow Bulldog...

Devin was a trend setter, except for two hamsters and a cheetah, every kid wanted to be yellow bulldogs.

Painting a kindergartener's face is like trying to paint a moving train speeding past you while standing on the platform. They had no patience or appreciation for the shading and detail I really wanted to do. Kid's these days.

Jokes aside they were really into it. They were cute little divas giving me notes and fixes to do looking in the mirror when I thought I did a good job. I had several requests for "touch ups" when the make up got smeared off while playing or wiping their face with a napkin after eating.
One kid made me smile wanting full blown lower jaw protruding bulldog fangs painted on. She had me redo them because they were not sharp looking enough.

The rented "bounce house" looked more like a kennel cage...

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