Drag and Drop Texture

I know most computer savvy art people will read this and think me a Neanderthal. I learned an old trick a few months ago using Google image search and Photoshop at same time. Search for an image you like and simply drag into your open Photoshop art. I felt like a moron never trying this before.

I've used scanned or "screen grabbed" texture images before but never just "clicked on" the open web page image and dragged over.

For this below doodle example, I Google searched images of gold leaf, rubies and chain mail. Heck, even the kid's face color is a cropped portion of a baby's face. Took me 3 minutes. A great time saver in my set design work when playing with concept ideas, instead of drawing every plank in a "hardwood" floor and realizing tile would look best.

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  1. Cute! The chain mail almost takes on a sweater-like appearance, dunnit?