Star Wars - The Pigeon Menace

Just when I was starting to get the toy collection back to normal after niece Devin's visits...

I'm in my home office "hobbit hole" when suddenly behind me came crashing sounds and stuff falling everywhere. I spin around to see this ...

I let him calm down and settle. I had to snap some pictures. Have no fear animal lovers, I was able to gently grab him and set him outside. He was fine and flew away.

Maybe I should think about installing a screen door.


  1. Is this bird in cahoots with your new dog?!?
    Mission: Destroy all of Dave's toys.

  2. Megan,
    They might be. When I let the pigeon out the dog just watched him. As if saying..."How'd it go?"

  3. D,
    was the bird banded? homing to you instead of his own home???