Halloween countdown #4

Year after year I just sort of throw the Halloween decor together. I've never really taken time to actually design it like a set as I would for work. Funny huh? You think I would. I always get caught up having fun in making new props for the space never thinking where they will go. This year will be different. I want to make the house and the whole area a character this year.

As I plan it out and imagine the bigger picture, one idea I started last year but ran out of time working on, was edging the lawn and driveway with an old cemetery fence. I hope to include it this year.

The plan is to make free standing pieces like this...

Because they will be out front, they should help tie the environment together and be a great place to showcase smaller details like crows and such.

I was lucky to get left over large chunks of bubble foam from working on DIY's Craft Lab to make the 4' stone columns with. This is were I left off last year, carving with a serrated knife and shaping with a heat gun...

The wrought iron gate will be really simple to do with inexpensive materials and a coat of paint...

OK, so now I gotta create a grand design to include the cemetery and some alien invasion stuff. The Fiancee also asked if a Hogwort's feeling was possible inside finding some fun "Harry Potter" themed food recipes she wants to make for friends and family stopping by to enjoy the night. Gotta love Halloween.

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