Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Madames and Monsieurs...

I present our new dog.

Yes, he is BUDDY the dog I wrote about once on this blog. We have officially adopted him as being foster parents proved more difficult and a story to tell one day. After a long list of possible names with much debate he is now - GROVER.

He still loves to chew up anything in sight but never any of his "chew" toys and yes, Chewie was a possible name. The damage list so far ...

- a vintage 1980 Empire Strikes Back "Taun Taun" action figure.
- the battery charger for my cell phone.
- a brand new plastic water/food bowl.
- a stack of plastic cups.
- 2 gardening gloves.
- 4 paint roller pads he found in the garage.
- one of the Fiancee's sneakers.
- a candle.

Not too bad knowing young dogs love to chew stuff. I did not expect him to be a landscaper though. Sure, maybe a hole or two in the backyard... but this?

I forgive him. I understand the need to re decorate when you move into a new place, especially finding yourself a favorite corner...

Welcome to your new home GROVER and don't chew on those smaller things that go "meow" that may cross your path in the living room.


  1. Congrats! Think he is a mixed breed that includes... beaver!

  2. Congratulations! Now Ted has to adopt a dog and the family circle will be complete!

  3. Congrats on the new family member!Grover resembles cousin Angie a bit. He has two new "cousins(by association)" in PA. We just adopted 2 meagles or mutt/beagle mix.
    Lobe to all, Karene