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I hoped to go to the San Diego Comic Con today but I was supposed to work this weekend. I passed on tickets offered ahead of time. So of course, work gets pushed back and I'm free to go.

From what I read and hear now it's SOLD OUT and I don't want to make the long drive just in hope of getting a ticket. Oh well, next year.

It's great to see how comics and the like have become mainstream... a respected actor like Ed Norton is going to be Bruce Banner in the next HULK film, not to mention Michael Caine is now Batman's Alfred. IRON MAN and SPEED RACER (yea, not a comic, but a close cousin) are two big movies in the future people are buzzing about. Greats like Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman are names the non comic fan know. I once dreamed this stuff to be taken serious as a kid.

In 7th grade our teacher asked each of us what 3 things or possessions would we try to save in a fire. I said...

"My comic books and..."

but before I could list the other two, the whole class started laughing at me. It hurt but I never changed. I remember in High School being caught by the "cool" kids as I left the HERO'S WORLD comic book shop at the White Plains Galleria. Yea, I got made fun of. College was great being an art school, comics were seen more of an art form ( but there were some elitists who saw it as lower class work).

It's sad to me it took Hollywood embracing comics so they could evolve as accepted literature with a whole aisle to themselves at Barnes & Noble. Yet, it's nice to think that kid's now a days don't have to hide their love of them like I did.

Long before they were the big "must see" movies by everyone...below is the best Hollywood could offer a comic book fan when I was a kid and was "must see" TV...

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  1. Never realized kids ridiculed comic book readers!
    I mean, now as a grown woman, I feel slightly silly reading Superman, which is why I'm so glad graphic novels were invented. "No, it's a NOVEL, just with pictures!"
    I can sympathize with your childhood pain, but in a different genre. In high school, I used to read folk tales from around the world, and would have to hide them in other books.
    (I've been to the White Plains Galleria!)