A Spooky Sunday

This happened a few years back when I was packing up my apartment in Cleveland to move back home to Los Angeles. I had always heard strange bumps in the night but figured just the odd sounds of an old apartment building. Then one Sunday evening a cold breeze came down the hallway. I saw a weird mist appear. I grabbed my polaroid camera...these are actual pictures. No photoshop or tampered with film.

The mist grew larger...

A human shape formed...

It then moved forward at me and was gone...

Here's how to make your own ghost photos for fun.

You need the flash on. The mist was just a blown out candle, smoking away, held just below the lens. The human shape and face are small cut outs from clear plastic and dropped letting fall in front of the lens.

These were a quick 5 minute experiment and came out pretty creepy. Imagine what you can do if you take some time with it.

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