RISD 20 Years ago - Flashback Friday #5

These cartoons are from a freshman year (1983) sketchbook.


  1. I've seen these sketches before. I was there when they were created. To tell the truth...I was the one looking over the bathroom stall asking Dave if he had, "done it again." No judgements here. I'm sure I can find a sketch in my book of Dave looking over the stall at me.

    Only, that, to me, is a little creepier. (shudddddder)

  2. Ah, ha, so funny! I was just going to say, "That was Pete looking over the stall, wasn't it?"

  3. Funny, no mention of your best friend in those photos. How soon we forget "Born in Columbia...."

    yeah yeah buddy . whatever.

  4. Hey "Born in Columbia"
    I remember you! These cartoons are random samples from a sketchbook in the day. I have many "flashback friday" posts to come to get to mention you...but I don't know with that attitude!