I love my work!

Working in T.V. can be frustrating and exhausting one minute, then it's silly and fun the next.

Here are some pics working as art director on DIY's Knitty Gritty last season (courtesy of Vickie).

For a small "knit bit" on light up knitting needles producer Andrew Wollman wrote a Star Wars gag. Host Vickie Howell used the force on some yarn.

It was a fun afternoon working with Jane Manfolk, the wardrobe stylist, on the details of a jedi costume and doing low tech special effects with propmaster, Andri Silanandra.

Sure, it's not working with George Lucas at ILM as I dreamed of as a kid but I love this goofy stuff and there are a billion worse ways to pay the bills.


  1. You can thank me for writing that bit when we're kicking Eisley-style at Celebration IV, biatch!

    I'm such a geek.

  2. She wore this outfit to her wedding last weekend too.

  3. Thanks "Naughty Secretary"...there goes my theme idea for my wedding!

  4. If I could've just figured out the proper way to promounce "jzoohm, jzoohm", I really could've sold that bit!