Daily sketching.

My drawing is out of shape. I once carried my sketchbook everywhere. Now I just sketch for a few moments in a week. My t.v. work of late does not require much doodling, so it's easy to fall out of practice.

I've been working on drawing everyday for a little while with small self assigned homework. Sometimes it's from life, sometimes it's a great face from a magazine and sometimes, like 2 weeks ago...re imagine movie monsters from the 80's.

I liked were my version of Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th was going.

The sketch inspired some needed digital art practice.

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  1. In between the sketch and the digital coloring, a bad thing happened to Jason's hand! LOL.That's a good addition, er, um... subtraction???
    Good for you for being disciplined enough to give yourself 'homework'. I go thru phases where I'm sketching for fun in the evenings and then I allow other stuff to interfere. That's the current state of affairs! (Frowny face.)