Six Million Dollar Monday Blues fix.

Busy day yesterday, meant to post Monday. When I was a kid missing an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man was unforgivable. When the T.V. promos teased the "Steve Austin meets Bigfoot" episode it became the big buzz in the school yard. It did not disappoint with sasquatch, aliens, androids and ending in a surprise cliffhanger!

This scene alone has it all...with Steve Austin using every bionic ability he has. I won't ruin the end of this clip but know it was a shock to see with 10 year old eyes that our hero might of met his match!

Loved this show. Many hours were spent fighting my brother in slow motion making our own sound effects..."Ba da da da da boo boo boo boo".

My art director/propmaster note; love the one faux sasquatch footprint shot from 2 angles and used 3 times in this clip...

I understand tight budgets but come on...would it have broken it to make two footprints especially after sasquatch jumped over the river?

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