31 Days 'til Halloween - Let it Begin

The past few years trying to post something daily counting down to the best day ever, I fail. Why? Because my job on this TV show I've been lucky to work on has consumed my life for 4 years. And now we're going into year 5.

I've decided to try something different this year. I'm just gonna blog daily as we prep and create Halloween for our set and make each post a behind the scenes as to what each day is like for my prop crew and I working on Hallmark's Home and Family leading up to our big Halloween show.

So day one... I'm sitting alone in our "prop garage" on the Universal backlot on a Saturday prepping our first Halloween DIY segment of the season for Monday (more about tomorrow).

But I'm not really alone, my crew of prop pirates pulled this old friend from storage to inspire our Halloween efforts placing in a corner. Hello October. I've missed you.

P.S. Jamie Lee Curtis will be coming to set Monday as a guest, not a bad way to kick the Halloween season off. Stay tuned.

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