Greatest Disney Pin Ever Made

One of my prop assists, Robin, went to Disneyland last weekend and brought back a Disney pin he thought I might like...

Halloween and Star Wars and Disney combined? Well played Robin, well played. You've gained your boss's favor... for now.


  1. Good to see you post again. Hope to see more soon.

  2. There should be a big, fat LIKE button..!

  3. Well Dave, once you heard what they are going to be doing at Disney its pretty cool

    They are going to have a new World of sorts that is Star Wars related. Its an immersive experience, when you go into the world it will be like you are there.... all the cast (even the guy sweeping up trash with the little brooms) will be in character like you are in star wars. Its supposedly going to be more so than even Harry Potter world at Universal. They have closed down some rides to incorporate that real estate into star wars related rides.

    So this pin is telling of things to come!

  4. Extra points for Robin because we get a new blog post!