A Well Organized Prop Department

Light saber, check. Dust broom, check. Fencing sword, check. Sledge hammer, check. Dust pan, check. Audio cable, check. Electric cord, check.


  1. He he he... all it's missing is the Diet Coke! :)

  2. Dave,

    Sometimes its the little things that count!!

    Because of work I too was unable to do much of any halloween props.... so I put my Christmas candles in the bay window on a flasher circuit, put orange gels around the carriage lights, some different spooky pumpkins with colored lights and put some different floodlights and other lighting.

    I couldnt beleive it, so many kids said I had the best house around! One little girl around 5 wanted to look in the front door because she knew it was haunted!

    So the devil is in those details!

  3. You forgot mysteriously blood splattered chainsaw.