Hauntcast Could Do Better

Being a Halloween enthusiast, I listen to Hauntcast, a podcast/web-radio show just about Halloween decorating.

Subscribing was money well spent until the Season 5 premiere episode went online today.

Most of the show was exceptional, as always. But their monthly "Halloween Guru" interview segment featured some hack artist loser with more "UHHHHs" to say than anything guru-ish.

Just looking at the latest Hauntcast show ad art makes me nauseated seeing his ugly mug there...


  1. I thought he was quite entertaining and informative! People really should subscribe just to hear about his props!

  2. For a sec this went right over my head. I was about to implore you not to dis Hauntcast!

  3. I dunno, I think the guy's pretty good myself.

  4. *smiles* Congratulations to you!