From Bad To Good

As easy as your first step.


  1. Haha! LOVE this film! I have the soundtrack, one of the best!

    Have you seen Jack Frost? It's another hilarious Christmas classic with my family.

  2. Hi Dave. I am doing a Chinese dragon prop for a school project with a friend, so a freebie. You are such an amazing prop maker - illustrator ~ would you, could you share a little knowledge, tips anything besides run for the hills. This is not my forte, but she has been an excellent client having me paint murals in all three of her nurseries. Referrals referrals and referrals. Now her babies are school age and she asked for a hand. How could I say anything but yes. It is an 8'wide entrance (inside) and she is looking for a dragon head along the lines of the ones in Skyfall. I have an idea of what to do but thought maybe you would have a tip, or suggestion that would just make it rock. It will be up at the school for about a week. Thanks so much. ~ Debbie