Halloween 2012: The Awful Blogger

My apologies to all for being an awful blogger this October. The month went by in a blur of orange and black spending countless 12 -16 hour days at work. I do have many good stories to tell though, and will share in a post I'm working on recapping all the Halloween highlights.

Until then, in brief, Halloween night was scaretastic. We had somewhere around 300 trick or treaters meet Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. This doesn't count the many who where afraid to walk up, and ones scared off by Jason lurking around the yard and sidewalk.

The fiancee put together a video of a few scares she managed to capture on her camera this year. It's dark, but that's my fault, I hate bright lights. Kudos and thanks to my brother Ted for another outstanding performance as Dr. Frankenstein entertaining kids and parents all night long.


  1. What was Ted doing to scare the kids? Turning the power on to Frankenstein? His voice is hilarious!


    1. D5

      You can see exactly what Ted does to scare the kids in a video at the bottom of this old post from 2009...


  2. That's just hilarious! I love when we make the parents scream! Great haunt ~ great fun!