7 Days 'til Halloween: Goblin Brain

We had the family over for dinner on Sunday. Niece Devin arrived holding something clutched to her chest, hidden by her arms wrapped tightly around it. It was a belated birthday present for me.

"I have a story to tell you" she said.

Apparently, her softball team had an away game that day. In Russia. While there, they visited a national park. The park ranger showed them were an ancient tree once stood, before it mysteriously burned down. It was said to have a goblin living in it. In the ashes, something was found.

Her tale told, Devin handed her old uncle his gift, a custom prop, she made herself.

No cabinet of curiosities, anywhere in the world, has an oddity as wonderful and special as this one is to me.


  1. A perfect gift! Makes my heart grow two sizes....thanks for sharing...

  2. The perfect gift... so darn sweet. In a creepy-Halloween-just-right-for-Uncle-Dave kind of way. Love it. Must have been quite the bus ride to that game. :)

  3. Only one thing to say: You've trained her well.
    Good job Devin!

  4. Awesome!!! I would say she is a chip off the old block. Well done Niece Devin :0)

  5. Awesome! Tell her my birthday is coming up!