Malicious and Cruel Pumpkin Smashers

Image from the Pasadena Star News.

Pumpkin smashing may be an old Halloween prank, but it's malicious and cruel when it's done to a 92 year old Pasadena woman, who donates many of the giant pumpkins she grows in her front yard to the children's garden at the Huntington Library every October.

Here's more about the story from our local KTLA news tonight.


  1. I couldn't even watch the video... just the thought of such a thing puts a knot in my stomach. So sad. :(

  2. Geez. Can't imagine waking up to that :<( I hope whoever did that sees the video segment and realizes that their minute of stupidity ruined a lot more than six pumpkins.

  3. So sad. This breaks my heart. Pasadena?

    I know that in our "hood" we can no longer decorate. I used to do the whole front yard each year. Lots of luminaries, a grave yard, rolling fog, and we were getting into a lot of NBC when it just got nutso with the creepy people. It was all "cute/pretty" scary because I didn't want to freak out the littles, but now? The local beasts find immense joy in destroying anything anyone on the block puts out. It's either destroyed or stolen, which frankly sucks. I can't stand it. It reduces the neighborhood to having to participate in "Fall Festivals", school Carnivals, or church "Trunk or Treats". No more door to door. Such a loss.

  4. Why do the minority 1% make it bad for everyone else. so sad