Creative Inspiration: Animalympics

Whenever it's Olympic season, I always remember an old animated TV special called the Animalympics that first aired sometime around the 1980 games. I fell in love with it back then, and can note it's influence on my drawing, cartooning, and humor now.

I even quote lines from it once in a awhile. "Not bad for a fatso" said in self-deprecating humor is one I often say.

The Animalympics were originally two separate TV specials, the winter games, and the summer games. When released later on VHS, the two specials were edited together as one and is the version most know today.

Thanks to YouTube, here it is below in 8 parts for your enjoyment (but more so mine). If you've never seen before, it's well worth your time. By the way, the "fatso" line I mentioned is in part 3.

Watch in-between London game events. I'm pretty sure anything Ryan Seacrest might report will not be better than this.


  1. I can definitely see the influence on your work. Thanks for sharing; I haven't come across Animalympics before.

    1. Stella,

      I Hope it becomes a favorite.

    2. Oh yes, it had me at the opening scene of Zeus playing discus with solar systems (what can I say? I'm a total sucker for a nice piece of 80s cheese.)

      Love the reference to The Seventh Seal in part 4.

  2. Oh, I haven't seen this in forever! And I loved it! I'll have to watch it this weekend when I have time!!

  3. My sister bought me animaympics for christmas last year I was so glad to find an existing copy to share with my son

  4. I had forgotten about Animalympics. My kids could watch cartoons anytime so they never understood the thrill of Saturday morning cartoons! Thank you!