Halloween Prep Gets The Go-Ahead.

The fiancee and I were watching TV together.

Out of the blue she said...

"Please start getting ready for Halloween now."

My heart soared. She wanted our house to be the spookiest in all the land.

But then she added...

"I don't want to spend another year hearing you whine about what you could of done last year."


  1. he he he How are your pumpkins doing by the way?

    1. Tracy, my pumpkins are doing awful this year. I had three potential vines growing. Our dog dug up one to bury a toy,another just died for no reason, and the third is stuggling, with no almost no growth at all.

      I've just gotten new seeds and have started to try again.

    2. Well, mine are going crazy. Leaves, flowers and vines that is. No pumpkins started though. Good luck with round two!!

  2. My kind of girl. All about enlightened self-interest! ;o)

  3. Can I marry her? All I get from my husband is "I'm used to rubber snakes laying around..."

  4. Haha! :-) Can't wait to see what you conjure up!

  5. Your lady provided you with some neat wisdom there, lad. GET GOING!!! :) And tell her that my heart goes out to her...

  6. My lady loved this blog and said "Well!... she's right, and he's starting what about you?"

    Looking forward to your next great adventure in creativity.

    your spooky friend Brad

  7. Yay! It's about time. I'm all aquiver and agog to see what's on the way. I've been busy, too. If you haven't been there lately, here's what I've been doing. http://thewrighthalloweenstuff.blogspot.com/

  8. Mrs Irons is being grumpy about me even putting up last years set, seems painting the house is somehow more important, I don't know why.

    Your fiancé is an angel

  9. Ha-ha-ha!

    My wife always wonders why I love Halloween so much when every year I get stressed out preparing for it.

  10. You will of course let us know how this changes after the wedding?

    My beautiful fiance loved Halloween LOVE LOVE LOVE, dressed up went nuts with decorations and designs!

    My now wife of 14 years not so much, I wouldn't say Hate but there were some dicey years in there...