Halloween 2012 Plans

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but one New Year's resolution was NOT posting about any new Halloween yard ideas for 2012 unless they were well under way being created. I've become fed up with myself having posted a 1001 ideas and sketches in the past that never became reality.

Having said that, I think this new cartoon posted on my web comic Para-Abnormal qualifies as a Halloween idea I'm safe to share for next October. I've already pulled materials from the garage hoard and started making.

As of right now, this prop seems possible to make with what I have. But I reserve the right to abandon at any time and exclaim "What a stupid idea!" should I find myself debating whether to spend money on or buy food.


  1. Good Sir, you might not know that any ideas you post but don't use might get picked up by others. So post away.

    1. Anonymous,
      Thanks,I've been flattered seeing others pick up on ideas I've yet to make in the past and enjoy seeing. We'll see, maybe I'll rethink the idea sharing.