Making a Tree Prop: Part Four (or The Spinal Tap Stonehenge Incident)

There were 3 days left until the Craft show. The tree was only a full day's work away from being done. I just had to add bark texture, paint and leaves. If you need to catch up, see Part One, Two and Three.

I sent Vickie a picture of where the tree was at.

She e-mailed back concerned it looked much bigger than she thought it would.

Then we discovered...

I was building using measurements as width, she was knitting pieces using measurements as circumference. A huge difference. I felt awful, it was a few typos in my drawings and e-mails that messed this up (although she was very sweet and shared the blame). We got on the phone and carefully went over all the dimensions again. I thought it quicker and easier for me to make a whole new smaller tree than for her to have spend time knitting more pieces. I sent a picture of a rough mock up showing what the size differences were.

She decided that bigger was better for the show, but some retooling was needed. We met in the middle. She'd knit more to accommodate the larger trunk and I'd re-make the branches thinner to accommodate her knits.

Next in Part Five... new branches, fresh leaves and my first time using MONSTER MUD!


  1. The size was perfect... that sapling would have been lost in that venue. Good thing Vickie is a speed knitter!

  2. Thanks Tracy, the mix up was a happy accident. The smaller would of been too small.