The Sci Fi Buzz-bot

Sadly there are many past TV props I created in my younger days that only exist in my memory. For one reason or another, numerous projects I was proud of were never photographed. Digital cameras make it so easy and cheap now, there's no excuse not to document your work.

A seven foot tall robot I created as set dressing for SCI FI Buzz on the SyFy Channel back in the early '90s was just such a case. I affectionately named him the Sci Fi Buzz-bot. Over the years I've often thought of him and regret not taking pictures of. There's an epic, but funny, tale to tell of his journey from idea to being on set that I will share one day.

Thanks to YouTube'er Nanoforge, I now have screen grabs of the Buzz-bot via a posted clip from the show. Although the segment was about Oliver Stones' 1993 mini-series Wild Palms, he's seen in host Mike Jerrick's wraparounds and really showcased at the end.

Here's the entire clip.

A bit of trivia for those who follow this blog... remember the Captain Hook prop I made several year's ago? Well, the dummy arm Mike Jerrick holds during the beginning of the clip is the one I used to create it with. It was a prop often kept handy (pun intended) on set for silly impromptu moments that it might work for.

Yep, my stash of collected junk I often make stuff from is that old and another reason why the fiancee has the TV show Hoarders phone number written down.

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  1. I love watching hoarders. I will look forward to seeing you on the show. That Captain Hook hand is great and it's not hoarding if you actually use it for something.