My Re-imagined Jason Sketch

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. Years ago, sometime around when the re-boot of the Friday the 13th franchise was announced I sketched my own re-imagined Jason Voorhees.

Since he never really died in any of the movies I saw him more of a true zombie. He was still tall and imposing but thinner from constant decomposition. Quick, self performed surgery using materials from Camp Crystal Lake's tool shed would make him appear cobbled together like Frankenstein's monster. His rotting flesh is held together by bailing wire. Broken bones are crudely fused with nails and screws. A weathered rope sash keeps his guts from spilling out. His infamous hockey mask has a practical purpose keeping what's left of his face from sliding off his skull. The most extreme design change was a machete blade lashed to the stump of his forearm replacing the hand he lost at some point years before.


  1. Having seen how the design of Jason ended up in the last few movies, I would have rather seen this version develop. Seems more realistic (as much as zombies can be, I suppose).

  2. Mr. Jim Jams1/19/2012 5:28 PM