Sign of Abominable Snowmen: Part Two

The basic construction of the Abominable Snowman footprint for the lawn is really super simple (and as usual cheap). I drew out it's shape on an old scrap piece of foam board which was a decent monster size (about 3 1/2 feet long x 2 feet wide). Hard to see the pencil lines in this picture but they're there.

Then I outlined it with layers of canned spray foam (left over from Halloween projects) to build up what will be snow. And yes, in my world... Abominable Snowmen only have four toes.

Once hardened, I cut away the visible foam board edges and carved some of the overly blobby spray foam in the imprint shaping it better.

From here I'll finish it up with plaster and paint and move on to the "Beware" sign. Details on that in Part Three soon. I've been hit with a cold the past few days, so all my projects right now are slow to finish.


  1. What a great idea. I am so going to copy this. Can't wait to see your signs!

  2. This is going to be so cool!