NOT Creative Inspiration: The 2011 CBS Holiday Promo

The thoughtful and warm CBS holiday message long ago...

The thoughtful and warm CBS holiday message today...


  1. awesome commentary.

    Thanks btw, for always being so generous with *your* fabulous ideas. I'm a HUGE fan. Hope that Christmas fills your house with amazing memories and a few sweet "Devin inspired" projects. You two are the dynamic duo!

  2. Ugh. I couldn't finish watching the second one.

  3. The first one does make me think
    "Oh no he's not going to chop that tree down is he?" and then I'm like "Aww he's going to play with the birds" it does create that warm holiday feeling. However the pace takes forever. After seeing that three or four times in one month I'd probably start changing the channel. The second one is fun and catchy and faster paced, but it does not spark a wide range of emotions or thought except "Hey that guy's from that show I like"
    The line art is similar too.

  4. Gee I am not afraid to say it ... "Merry Christmas!". I hope that's not too politically incorrect for everyone.

    Dave I hope you and your family do have the nicest of holidays, hopefully some time off to spend with family (and the blog he he), thanks so much for all in how you inspire us!

  5. Does anyone know the name of the group doing the song?

  6. Wicked, you said it!

    Thank you S'mee! My best to your family and friends.

    Merricat, double UGH,

    Tikimoose, yeah the first is slow, but remember it was the 60's with fewer channels. There was little competition and fear of people changing channels... you had to get up, walk over and turn a knob on the set. Not to mention attention spans were longer then.

    In Irons, thank you and best to yours.

    Ron. I don't but you've got me curious. Now I want to find out.