High Concept Set Idea + Small Budget + Limited Time = Lots of Foamcore Board

I've been creating a Dickens' village Christmas themed set for work this week. To save time and money, I made the entire store front facade out of foamcore. I do love that stuff. Finishing the set this weekend. More about it later.


  1. Looks great...I *heart* foamcore...I have used it alot for my doll diorama projects but am impressed to see it used on such a large scale.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Hmmm .... I see reuse of the lantern for next Halloween.

    Dickens actually wrote the first Nightmare Before Christmas... Combining 2 wonderful Holidays with a Christmas tale AND a Ghost story. Easy to see where Tim Burton got his inspiration from.

    What show is this set for? Would love to see more pics!

  3. That's really cool!

  4. Thanks Kelsie.
    The show's production company happened to have an old stash of huge 4'x 8' sheets to use. That size makes large scale projects fairly easy and being a favorite material of mine to use, really fun to make.

    In Irons,
    I'd love to use that lantern for Halloween. It was a prop house rental though. I agree, Dickens' wrote the first nightmare before Christmas. I love that one of the best ghost stories ever written was not for Halloween. This set is for an interstitial series I'm art director on called SNAP on GSN. They're short one minute bits between regular programming. More pics coming.

    Thanks Ted.

  5. I get so much inspiration from your blog. I help with a very small playhouse in Silverton, Oregon. The pictures and info is simply priceless.