Halloween Display 2011 - Portfolio Two

On Halloween night family friends, Sara Pine and her boyfriend James Goethals, stopped by. Both are photographers. To my happy surprise James brought his camera along. These are not just photos. James took time later manipulating the colors, the light and the shadows on each later creating a distinct mood.

These terrific images are how he saw Halloween at my house. I'm happy he captured a few details and props in the display I didn't in the yard photos from Portfolio One.

What also makes these really special is they were taken when the evening was in full swing. Just beyond the picture's edges, Trick or Treaters were coming and going. The sounds of screams followed by laughter filled the air.

James allowed me to share these with everyone.


He even captured my brother Ted as Dr. Frankenstein in fun moments mugging and playing it up for the kids.

There will be more of James' photos posted here in the future. There were too many from the night to include in one post and too many great images not to share later.


  1. Absolutely magical! What great pictures....I can smell the Halloween magic from here!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Fantastic photos; how great of James to share!! That giant spider is the only thing that gives me the heebie jeebies. Well, that and your brother, that is. :D

  3. Wow those are fantastic! Could you do a post on what your storage of all this looks like? I'm sure it's a struggle to store it all!

  4. Ted looks like he is 100% enjoying every moment of this. Hey- a technical question: How do you secure your guillotine so it isn't knocked over by kids or wind? I'm guessing cinderblocks?? I LOVE the skelly hand holding the rope on it...Thanks. You never cease to amaze & inspire me. What did Devin dress as?? Were you in the display, too?

    D5, Hauntforum

  5. Frog Queen, cheers back!

    Tracy, the giant spider is a new one this year. I've named her Alice.

    Anonymous, storage is a bit of an effort, but not too bad. Hardest part is not breaking things and having to re-do next year. I probably will post about.

    D5, the guillotine is staked down. There are 2 heavy duty iron flat stakes about 4' long on each leg/post. The stakes have pre drilled holes in them to screw into the wood and secure tight. They can be found in most of the big hardware chain stores.I use them also for all the mannequins like the bride, jason and michael. Well worth the investment!

  6. You have managed to capture the magic of Halloween in pictures. Well done Dave. That looked like a lot of fun. Imagine how the kids felt after the visit. You have done your part to passing the torch on to the next generation!

    Love the crashed witch too!

  7. These pictures make me want to do halloween on Christmas. I love the shadows, especially that rat coming out of the pumpkin! Can't wait to see some more...

  8. Looks fabulous!

    Lady M I am doing the same.. a Nightmare on Christmas. :]

    Also the blogger community is now having Creepmas.. Dec 1-13

  9. Thanks John (and for another great Countdown year!)

    Wicked, it was a good year. And speaking of kids, discovered I've been doing this long enough that several older teens in the 'hood were telling me stories that trick 'r treating at my house was one of their best Halloween memories as kids.

    Lady M, happy you like the rat. A small detail that I made quickly but is one of my favorites from this year.

    BeWitchy...I'M IN!