25 Days 'til Halloween: Game Board Haunted House Craft

For work this week we filmed a funny interstitial parodying craft TV shows with a Halloween theme. I don't what to give away too much until it airs in a couple of weeks, but I had to design and make a haunted house decoration as a prop with old board game pieces.


  1. whenever you talk about your job, I get major job-envy. I would love to get paid to be creative. Do you need an assistant?

  2. Way to re use old game boards and pieces to make an awesome little Haunted House! Looks like the Ginger Bread house I realize I probably over payed for seeing how I could have cannibalized my hardly used Monopoly game, playing cards and chess pieces I have collecting dust!

    Loved the Frankenstein Tombstone too... Keep it coming! =)

  3. Every time you make something I think you can't get any cooler... and then you do! Amazing job!