16 Days 'til Halloween: My Adolescent Eye Hiding Worthy Monster List - Part Three

Only two creepy creeps make this post of the list. Both scared me enough to never forget them, yet I could not remember what they actually were or where from. After some detective work, these once nameless eye hiding fears have been identified. 
Mrs. Bowen
My grandmother was babysitting one night. I woke up and walked downstairs. She was watching TV and let me sit with her for a bit. I remember seeing a man stumble into a room. There was a woman in a chair singing a song. Her feet had vines growing out of them. The camera slowly moved upwards.

That was all I needed to see. My eyes closed tight fearing her face being revealed.

I've since learned it was a segment titled Green Fingers from Rod Serling's 1972 series Night Gallery.  It starred Elsa Lancaster as Mrs. Bowen. Watch the entire episode for free via HULU.

Devil in a Mason Jar 
I only remember a mason jar on a barn shelf that was glowing red and pulsating. I also knew it had the devil trapped inside.

That's it. No memory of where I was or what came before. I know I saw it on TV. I not only hid my eyes, but ran out of the room in terror. This one's haunted me for a long, long time.

Thanks to the memory of an old friend though, I've discovered it's from a TV movie directed by a young Steven Spielberg in 1972 titled Something Evil.

I found it posted in several parts here. There are numerous Spielbergian touches before they became quintessential Spielbergian touches which makes it fun to watch.

Part Four soon.


  1. I guess I'm lucky that my childhood memories of catching a glimpse of adult TV consist of Ed Sullivan's Topo Gigio and Lawrence Welk. They don't make for very good Halloween decor inspiration though... Well, maybe an old accordion with spider webs in the corner. :)

  2. Yeah and dont forget Red Skelton, I remember sneaking out of bed and hiding in the hallway out of sight to watch Red Skelton.

    My fondest memories are of Abbott and Costello and the fright movies they starred in on rainy saturday afternoons. Classic.

  3. "The Blob" stopped me from getting a good night's sleep for years. Then it was "The Day After"..not a good show to watch when you are at college and can SEE a nuke plant's cooling tower from your dorm....

    debbie5, hauntforum