ELVES! They're Alive! Well... Almost.

Numerous months back I posted about the illustrations I was working on for Singapore's I-Theatre production of Elves and the Shoemaker. I was surprised and happy to learn that the puppet elf characters being created for the show are based on the ones I imagined.

So now, half way around the world, puppeteer and all talented Paul Pistore and his crew has been bringing my drawings to life. Paul and I worked together on more than a few projects and TV shows before he moved to Singapore years ago. I'm grateful to him. Not only for suggested me as an illustrator to the theater company, but opening the door that allows us to work together again even thousands of miles apart.

Paul gave me the okay to share some of the process pictures he's been taking.


  1. Oh Man, these are awesome! How cool is that? To see a drawing come to life? Hope to see updates on this when they are done...if possible..will be absolutely fantastic!

  2. Too cool! It is always so neat to see your sketches come full circle even if your not concocting it out of left over odds and ends stashed away in your garage!

    It is so much easier making a prop when you have it drawn out before to base it off of. The Elf looks like a very faithful adaption of your drawing! Makes me want to learn how to sew!

  3. Congrates Dave...they really have done a great job interpreting your drawings...I look forward to seeing some photos of them finished *hint hint*

    Blessings Kelsie