The 31 Days of Halloween Countdown Begins Tomorrow!

In just a few short hours October arrives and 31 days of daily Halloween posts begin here and over on my web comic Para Abnormal (both are also apart of the official Countdown to Halloween blog ring).

No plans to post about anything super special. I'll of course be updating the yard display progress. Beyond that, it'll be whatever Halloweeny thing strikes my macabre fancy that day (or night).

I'm hoping to start the dressing yard next Friday the 7th and have most of it completed by Saturday evening. As I still have many props to finish and a few to fix, it's going to be a really busy week.

As usual though, I'll be adding many props and things to the display right up to the big night. Which I've discovered has been fun for neighbors and passersby over the years looking for something new every other day or so.

This year I've got it somewhat planned out that the new things added throughout the month fit a spooky timeline and make sense. Nothing really clever, but something like all the gravestones and background elements in place first, then zombies and other ghoulish characters begin to show up day after day to join the party.

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