62 Days 'til Halloween: A Scarecrow For Work - Part Three

The pumpkin patch themed interstitial set needed last week turned out pretty cute I think. I'll post better pics and more info about it when the segment actually airs in September. In the meantime here's how I made the scarecrow. I didn't take many process pics, so I've added a whole lot of notes to the one's I did. Bear in mind, this guy was not made to last forever beyond his need that day and the construction was such that I could tweak his size or shape fairly easily on location if needed.

As always, click on the images to enlarge.


  1. It turned out great! Nice work :)

  2. The set turned out great! Awesome tutorial too, Thanks Dave!

  3. Awesome! I'd love to have something cool like that in my yard :)

  4. I just love to see how things are made. Thanks for posting.

  5. I just found your blog last week and have been going through it. I love how you share your trade secrets. I shall keep following you closely.

    Some of my favorites have been the making of the cauldron, the D.I.Y. Apothecary Jars, Fed Ex Gravestone, Foamcore Lantern. And your sketches are just WOW.

    I love your Peter Pumpkin, the eyes inside the eye is a great idea. And my positively favorite piece is Patrick O'Treaty. I wish I could be that creative. He's truly amazing. And the posts with your niece are always cute too.

    Please keep sharing. I'd love to see a beginning to end on doing a more cartoonish Skeleton.

  6. Thanks Dismal,Cameron and Beacon!

    Nic,thanks! Glad you discovered my blog and like my work. I'm hoping to do a more detailed step by step post on how I make my skeleton zombies this month. Stay tuned.