Elves and the Shoemaker Part III: The Finished Poster Art

Here's the finished poster art for the Elves and the Shoemaker Itheatre production in Singapore (running from October 28th to November 13th).  I decided to give the main poster an actual storybook cover look with fancy scrolled edges made up of shoes and their laces.

This completes all the illustrations needed for this project. To see the other ones visit Part One and Part Two.

Some news. I was just asked to doodle up 360 views of the elves for their resident puppet maker and performer (and an old friend) Paul Pistore so he can actually create the ones I illustrated. Pretty cool.


  1. Cool! Be sure to post the puppets when he makes them. :)

  2. I will. I'm going to ask Paul to take lots of process pictures as well.