Zombie a Month: Duncan Foorapples

A new Halloween resident this year will be Duncan Foorapples. Duncan's our graveyard I.T. guy, unfortunately for him though, all the ghosts and ghouls haunting the place were interred long before computers and cyber space. It leaves him little to do. Duncan passes the time organizing pencils in his pocket protector and trying to get everyone into playing "Dungeons and Dragons".

I want keep the holiday fun for small Trick or Treaters visiting. Although many of my Halloween zombies are lighthearted, I've found they can still be too scary for some little ones. I hoping to make Duncan a blatantly funny looking character just for them.

As usual, he's going to be a "blucky" based creation. I want to custom make his nerdy spectacles out of two giant magnifying glasses, it would be fun if his enlarged eyes were a real effect. Not sure if I'll get the time to make his calculator gravestone, but definitely an idea to be filed away for another year.


  1. Haha, I love the zombie a month concept! :) I can't wait to see these all done, Dave! I love the calculator tombstone!

    You may only have to come up with eleven of them because after you make them all you're going to feel like a zombie! :)

    I love your December's Forgotten Prisoner. Since seeing the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 when they pan out on the bridge and show the rotting prisoners in the gibbets cage, I've wanted to make something similar, but after seeing your idea I've wanted THAT exact one! :) Love the poses you come up with!

  2. Thanks Dismal,
    The plan was to actually make one a month, but didn't work out. It's for the best though. Now that I've got most of the characters thought out, once I start building, it will be more of an assembly line and work on all at once. Eyes for all one day, fingers the next, etc.

    The forgotten prisoner is one I'm really excited to start working on. I know the scene in Pirates your talking about well, it inspired me too. Wish there was more of that prison island in the movie.

  3. I totally love this idea! It is so funny! I may have to borrow it - but nothing I make will ever look as good as yours!

  4. Thanks Lisa.
    Please send pics if you make your own version, love to see.

  5. Dave,

    This is just another awesome design. I have to tell you, that you groundbreaker is what got me started halloween decorating. I copied him, made my own version of the butler and a version of Dr. Livingston (mine is a chef. Now this! The details are so rich. I just love it!