Creative Inspiration: Drawing Tables to Daydream About

Improving as an artist if I owned one of these is a 50/50 chance. On the one hand, I might sit behind and never stop working on. On the other, I might never sit at and just admire from across the room not working. This is especially true if I had the 3rd table pictured.


  1. lol--yep, some of those are beautiful works of art in and of themselves!

  2. You need to come to Schenectady, home of an old and withering population of General Electric engineers. I've seen those at estate sales. As the old timers die off, no one wants their drafting tables. Sad.


  3. A design school I attended had the second one from the top, several actually, in one classroom. One summer they built a new building for the art department and decided to sell all the old furnishings from the old building, by time I made it to the sale, these were all gone. It was the only piece I was after, the rest was plastic chairs and file cabinets. So close.