50 Sketchbooks

This month marks a creative anniversary of sorts for me. I'm now doodling in my 50th sketchbook since I started using the Classic hardbound types back in March 1983. The left stack is the 80's, center is the 90's and right is the 00's so far.


  1. I'd so love to have a little time to pore over those sketch books and see those ideas take shape over the years! I love seeing art at the creation.


  2. Thanks Rich

    It's funny. While flipping through some old ones I noticed that my art was better in some years in the past,I guess just drawing more then.

    One fun surprise was a lot of old ideas I forgot about I'm going to now revisit.

  3. A few scans of a couple of those pages would add so much to this post! I would love to see your evolution in those few decades.

  4. That's actually very cool. It's a measure of all your creative energy.

  5. David,
    I've thought about making a series of posts featuring highlights from the past sketchbooks.

    Thanks! A nice way to think of it.