Pixie Makeover

Recently, I designed a kid's room makeover in a Tinkerbell theme for an episode of Disney Channel's "Get Connected".

The first concept (above) was liked, but revised needing to be more practical and something the young folk hosting the show could do themselves on camera.

The actual room turned out pretty cute. I'll share those pics soon once the episode airs.


  1. What a great room! Very simple ideas th at nake a huge impact. Can't wait to see the show.

  2. Second version is nice enough, but have to admit that I love the first one: worked out how to do everything but the bedposts. Any suggestions?

  3. I saw the room last night on Disney channel. Have been searching everywhere so I can watch it again!! No luck. Room was so cute! Great job!!

  4. Anonymous one, I was going to cut the posts, basic shape out of plywood, plaster wrap for texture and paint.

    Anonymous two, Didn't know it started airing. Thanks to your comment I had Disney Channel on for 2 straight days and finally saw it.